Pump Equipment, Inc. has been in business since 1982, and we take pleasure in supplying top brand pumps and pump packages to the oil industry, onshore and offshore, as well as the petrochemical, industrial and marine industries.

We also offer many residential services that include sewage, drainage and pool and spa pumping needs.

At Pump Equipment, Inc., strong emphasis is placed on excellent service from a large inventory of top-of-the- line products and parts.

As an example of its service, Pump Equipment, Inc. offers engineering assistance for the selection and sizing of pumps.

Pump Equipment has a variety of major lines that we represent. These include:

Special packages such as firewater pump packages, potable water pressure skids, portable self-priming pump packages, lact charge pump packages, high-pressure washdown pump packages, and general service packages are built in our shop.

Many of our packages are available with ABS type approval, USCG approved and ASME Approved tanks.

The owner of Pump Equipment, Inc. is Val Meyers, whose experience includes all phases, from parts through service, engineering, management and ownership. He has dealt with most major lines of pumping equipment and is especially knowledgeable in custom pump packages.

Many major companies are now served by Pump Equipment, Inc., (CNG, Chevron, Exxon, Shell Offshore & Production and Texaco, etc.). Field and shop service is provided along the entire Gulf Coast from Texas to Florida.

Facilities at Metairie consist of 7400 square feet of shop and office space. Included in the shop facility is a complete full-service machine shop. In addition, there is 2100 square feet of outside storage space.